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Personal/Auto Injury Patients

autoinjuryIf you are experiencing neck or back pain after an auto accident, you could be suffering from whiplash or a spinal injury. These injuries can have a serious impact on your health without proper care which can lead to months and/or years of chronic pain and stiffness. Dr. Southworth understands how to manage these injuries without the need for medication or surgery. Traditional medical care after an auto accident relies on medication to “cover up” a patient’s pain symptoms. Prescription pain killers are effective for providing immediate pain relief; however, they are not a long-term pain management solution. Medication alone cannot help a patient increase mobility after a spinal injury.

Chiropractic care after an auto-accident can help!

Manipulation or adjustments work to treat the underlying spinal injury by relieving pressure on the nerves and muscles, while bringing alignment back into the spine. Corrective therapeutic exercise and adjustments will bring motion back into the body. Acute and chronic pain from an accident can both benefit from chiropractic care. With proper diagnostic testing, therapeutic exercise, and manipulation, Dr. Southworth will be able to identify the underlying problem and create a patient specific treatment plan to support your body’s natural healing process.

Don’t wait to seek treatment

Auto impact as low as 5mph can still knock the cervical spine out of alignment and cause injury. Traditionally, a “fender bender” is often looked at as a minor accident causing victims to delay seeking treatment which may lead to a lifetime of problems. If you are unsure whether you qualify for care after an accident, give us a call. Prompt care makes a difference.

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