Musculoskeletal Pain Relief

Massage Therapy Services

massageMassage Therapy is a manual therapy that is used to focus on or target musculoskeletal pain and disability. This therapy includes a series of kneading, joint mobilization, joint manipulation, and manipulation of muscle tissue done with hands in place of a device or machine. Manual therapy can be helpful for many individuals that suffer from certain musculoskeletal conditions, lack range of motion, and lack adequate mobility and is aimed at providing relief to tense back muscles and restricted joints.

There are two main techniques done by providers:

Soft Tissue Work

Commonly referred to as massage, in which the provider will apply pressure to the soft tissue or muscles in the body to improve muscle tightness, improve circulation, ease pain, and break up scar tissue.


This technique uses various speeds, movements, force, and amplitude to move joints and bones into position. This technique allows the tight tissues around the joint to loosen up creating flexibility and alignment. Contraindications of manual therapy include patients whom suffer from active bone disease or malignancy, fractures and dislocations, signs of vertebral artery disease, signs or symptoms of spinal cord lesions, joint-ligament instability, or non-mechanical causes of pain.

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