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A luxury chiropractic experience in Westerville, Ohio.

Specializing in the newest and latest chiropractic techniques, including Spinal/Cervical Decompression, Active Release Therapy (A.R.T.), Graston, and Massage Therapy.


Chiropractic treatment is a safe, drug-free hands-on approach to healthcare.

Physical Therapy

Therapeutic exercise is a key component to any and all rehabilitation.

Massage Therapy

Manual therapy that is used to focus on or target musculoskeletal pain and disability.

Spinal Decompression

A nonsurgical therapy option that produces relief through motorized traction based upon weight.

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Worker’s Comp

We are happy to work with your employer and/or current doctors to make sure we provide the most appropriate care.

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Personal/Auto Injury

If you are experiencing neck or back pain after an auto accident, you could be suffering from whiplash or a spinal injury.

Dr. Nick Southworth

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Throughout pregnancy, birth, and childhood, a chiropractic lifestyle promotes greater health and well-being.

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During the process of labor and delivery, a tremendous amount of stress is placed on the baby’s spine.